UV Counterfeit Money Detector - MG1


How it works?
The banknotes of all
national currencies have
certain security marks and
signs that are visible only under the
proper wavelength of UV light. The detector
uses a lamp with ultraviolet light to
detect all those signs.
The UV Detector- MG1 has a wide range of usage and
helps to check all documents( credit cards, debit cards, Passports
& ID cards, Driving Licenses, tickets and cheques), for security
uorescent signs, visible only under UV light.
Work with UV Counterfeit Money Detector - MG1 is extremely simple and
does not require any special skills.
The new improved design protects your eyes from direct UV light, making it
very safe for continues use.
UV Counterfeit Money Detector - MG1 is a mandatory component of any
kind of commercial center or oce that operates with money. This excellent
solution will stop the fraudsters and protect your business. With its compact
size MG1 is suitable for all retail outlets and any cash points. Created with high
standards and technology, proven with awless operation and high levels of
Note: Color - produced according to your corporate color
Power supply: 200-230V, 50 / 60Hz
UV light: 6W elongated ultraviolet lamp
Wavelength: 370 nm
Operating temperature 0 ° C ~ 40 ° C
Dimensions (W x H x D) 23 x 32 x 250 mm
Cable length: 220 cm
Weight: 362 grams
Warranty: 12 months
Adapter (included):
Dimensions (W x H x D) 85 x 50 x 135 mm
Cable length: 160 cm
Weight: 564 grams
Warranty: 12 months
UV lamps
Constant availability
of spare UV lamps
Easily replaceable lamp
Module stand
MG1 is attachable
to a POS monitor
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Using a UV Counterfeit Money Detector-
MG1 is the valuable secure method to
detect counterfeit money.
The UV protection can not be falsied,
unlike watermark and security thread that
are counterfeited successfully by banknote
UV Counterfeit Money Detector - MG1 is
an excellent solution for your business.
The product is compatible with the requirements
of the Bulgarian National Bank.

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